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    There's a saying that goes: If you aren't at the table, you're on the menu. 

    Right now, Michigan utility regulators are writing the rules that will determine whether we move towards community-owned clean energy or dirty methane gas. But thus far, there are no requirements that community voices will be heard. Help us tell the Public Service Commission that Michigan citizens - and especially those impacted by pollution, energy poverty, and environmental racism - need our voices heard. Because if we aren't at the table - you know we're on the menu.

    If we accept business​ ​as​ ​usual,​ ​we​ ​can​ ​expect​ ​a​ ​process​ ​driven by​ big investors and executives leading to ​more​ ​dirty energy, pollution, and poverty. We know that clean​ ​energy​ ​and​ ​efficiency​ ​can​ ​make power more​​ ​reliable and affordable, while making jobs and keeping resources in our community. But to get to that future, we need to demand it - and we need a seat at the table.


    Sign on and add your own comments below by Friday October 20th

    You can Text VOICE to (313) 349-1063 to endorse


    **We are requesting an address to verify that signers are Michigan residents. We will only share a zip code in the comments. Your complete address WILL NOT BE SHARED** 


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    Help Us Build A Just Energy Future For All

    $6,860.00 raised
    GOAL: $10,000.00
    Soulardarity has made incredible strides in 2016. We created Let There Be Light, our proposal for Highland Park to install 1000 solar streetlights, installed 50 home and alley solar lights in our first bulk purchase, and elected our first board of directors. We have built on that in 2017 through an expended PowerUP bulk purchasing program that is projected to install 200 solar lights this year, new educational collaborations such as Solar For The People, Advanced Energy Education, and Making It Ours: A Popular Education Course on Energy Democracy. Our member and partner teams are building a structure for member empowerment, an improved 2017 elections process, strategies for residential and community solar, and community-driven member engagement and renewals. We now have four staff, over 130 members, and our very own office. We are being covered in local and national media.

    We need your help to keep building. 

    We are raising funds now to grow our capacity to meet these opportunities head on. Here are some of the things your donations will help to support.

    • Inclusive and active community outreach
    • Continually expanding our staff capacity to match our growing potential
    • Launching our action team structure to empower member leadership and creativity 
    • Business planning to expand PowerUP to bring solar lights and jobs to our communities
    • Video documentation so the world can hear the stories and see the faces of our members
    • The back-end systems for our email, texting, website, and social media presence that keep you informed and engaged

    Whatever you can give - $10, $100, or $1000 - makes a difference. We also encourage you to become a dues-paying member and add your voice and leadership to our forward motion.

    To donate by check, please make the check payable to Soulardarity and mail it to:

    12511 Woodward Ave
    Highland Park, MI 48203

    Soulardarity is a 501c3 charitable organization. Donations made to Soulardarity are tax-deductible under Soulardarity's EIN: 47-2733535