Help Us Build A Just Energy Future For All

We've done incredible things together, from installing solar alley lights to educating our community to holding the engaging the state energy rule making. We need all kinds of support to make it happen, and your donations are a critical part of that:

Read our 2017 Year In Summary to see what your support accomplished last year.

Look below to see what your contributions do for the work in 2018.

  • $5 prints 50 flyers for an event
  • $15 buys an hour of childcare to make our events more accessible
  • $25 supports a subsidized Soulardarity membership
  • $50 buys winter weatherization supplies for a household
  • $100 buys local, healthy food for a small community meeting
  • $250 pays one month’s rent at our office and maintains a safe, community space
  • $1000 sends our community leaders to share Highland Park’s story on a national platform
  • $3000 keeps a roof over our heads in 2018!

Every gift makes a difference. We also encourage you to become a dues-paying member and add your voice and leadership to our forward motion.

If you want to make a larger donation than this page allows, email for instructions.

To donate by check, please make the check payable to Soulardarity and mail it to:

21 Highland St
Highland Park, MI 48203

Soulardarity is a 501c3 charitable organization. Donations made to Soulardarity are tax-deductible under Soulardarity's EIN: 47-2733535



GOAL: $15,000.00